Pack InWe

  • Pointing/Tally

    Inwe Allows you to Track pointing of employees online via mobile with GPS location and we offers PUSH Solutions, for Presence / Absences Alerts.

  • Project Management

    Management of work teams on site, Assignment of tasks/teams, Online project monitoring and Online monitoring of work progress on site by project.

  • Finance

    a comprehensive financial management system,a detailed follow-up of invoices and a concise dashboard giving a reliable and real-time overview of your finances.

About Us

Constructor Integrator Systems C.I.S , the leader of the main solution integrators, offers Inwe Cloud Managment: Solution for Intelligent project management. This solution is designed for companies in order to: facilitate remote clocking, management of work teams on site and monitoring of work progress online ... Inwe is a system made up of a platform and mobile application that you can access anywhere.